Lugares de Distribución / Distribution Sites (130+)

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Pensacola PaceMiltonGulf BreezeNavarreMary EstherFort Walton Beach • DestinCrestviewDeFuniak Springs Santa Rosa Beach

MobileLoxleyRobertsdaleSummerdale Orange Beach


Azalea Trace, 10100 Hillview Dr
UWF Commons, 11000 University Pkwy
Winn Dixie, 312 E. Nine Mile Rd
Wasco Clean Coin Laundry, 40 W Nine Mile Rd #J
Tacos El Amigo, 9322 N Palafox St.

La Mexicana Supermarket, 9101 Pensacola Blvd.
Tienda Latinos, 8677 N. Palafox St.
La Cabaña Mexican Kitchen, 8710 Pensacola Blvd.
Lupita’s Mexican Kitchen, 6890 Pensacola Blvd.
Latinos Unidos en Cristo Church, 5811 S. Elmo St.
Taco Rock, 5454 Pensacola Blvd

Olgy’s Taqueria, 5222 North W. St.
Tienda Latinos & Parties, 5222 North W. St.
New Way Salon, 4900 North W St.
El Paso Mexican Grill, 5190 Mobile Hwy
Best Latin Mini Mart, 1709 North W Street
El Gallo, 2704 W. Avery St.
Sav-A-Lot, 3300 Pace Blvd (Town and Country Plaza)
Belmont & DeVilliers, 401 N DeVilliers St
United States Postal Service, 101 Palafox Place
Escambia County Court House, 308 S Baylen St

Busy Bee Merchantile, 3002 N 9th Ave.
Rio Bravo, 5030 Bayou Blvd
Joe’s Caribe, 6224 N 9th Ave.
Tacos el Amigo, 6201 Tippin Ave.
Mr. Pollo, 6404 N 9th Ave.
Dave Reed Insurance, 2170 Creighton Rd.
Creighton Chiropractic, 2110 Creighton Rd.
Happy Spot Nutrition, 1734 Creighton Rd.
La Hacienda, 8086 N. Davis Hwy.
Family Dollar, 8084 N Davis Hwy.
Tienda La Favorita, 8102 N Davis Hwy.
Best Financial Services, 8800 University Pkwy
El Asador, 7955 N Davis Hwy
Lupitas Mexican Fast Food, 7815 N Davis Hwy
El Paso Mexican Grill, 7250 Plantation Rd

Diaz Koontz Business Svcs, 7 S. New Warrington Rd.
La Union Tienda Latina, 701 North Navy Blvd, Ste #6
St John’s Church, 303 South Navy Blvd.
El Patron Mexican Grill & Cantina, 830 N Navy Blvd
El Agave Mexican Restaurant, 3811 W Navy Blvd.
Greer’s Cash Saver, 12255 Lillian Hwy
Winn Dixie Shopping Center, 13089 Sorrento Rd.

Pedros Tacos & Tequila Bar, 13584 Perdido Key Dr.

Nikko’s Japanese/El Patron, 4510-4 Highway 90
La Hacienda, 4601 Hwy 90
Mexico City Home Decore, 5711 Hwy 90

Big Lots, 6247 U.S. 90
La Hacienda, 6471 Hwy 90
El Paso Restaurant, 5041 Dogwood Dr.
Primerica, 5203 Dogwood Dr.
St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, 6451 Park Ave.
North Florida Auto Brookers, 2760 North Avalon Blvd.

Gulf Breeze:
Xiscali Mexican Restaurant, 348 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
Taco Rock Gulf Breeze, 913 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
El Mariachi Grill, 2747 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
Gulf Breeze Flea Market, 5760 Gulf Breeze
Marathon Gas Station, 6156 Gulf Breeze Pkwy

Holley Food Mart, 6900 Navarre Pkwy
El Patron, 8674 Navarre Pkwy

Mary Esther:
T-5 Brothers Discount Food Store, 100 W Miracle Strip Pkwy
Piggly Wiggly, 251 Mary Esther Blvd
El Paso Restaurant, 480 Mary Esther Blvd

Ft. Walton Beach:
Mi Gente Supermarket, 699 Beal Pkwy
Winn Dixie, 798 Beal Pkwy
Texaco, 306 Racetrack Rd NW
Six Brothers, 727 Mayflower Ave
Tienda Hondureña, 102 Racetrack Rd NE
Fuego Café & Grill, 226 Racetrack Rd NE
Papis Cafe & Grill, 723 Eglin Pkwy NE
Tienda La Mexicana, 298 Eglin Pkwy
Rapunzel Salon, 298 Eglin Pkwy
Chapala Mexican Restaurant, 67 Eglin Pkwy
Sabor A Mexico, 13 Eglin Pkwy
Don Cha Peruvian Food, 100 Perry Ave SE

Raceway, 995 Hwy 98
Tienda La Mexicana de Destin, 1209 Airport Rd. #6
Mi Gente Taqueria and Supermarket, 733 Harbor Blvd.
Burritacos, 4618 Opa-Locka Ln

La Rumba, 100 John King Rd.
Dollar Tree, 611 N Ferdon Blvd.
Family Dollar/La Azteca, 795 N. Ferdon Blvd.

DeFuniak Springs:
Fajitas Mexican Restaurant, 707 Hwy 331
La Guerrerense Taquieria, 254 Hwy 90 W
La Huasteca, 479 Hwy 90 W
Winn Dixie, 1030 Hwy 331

Santa Rosa Beach:
La Chalupita Mexican Market, 3422 Hwy 98
Los Rancheros, 3906 Hwy 98
La Tienda Latin Market, 5008 98 Hwy W

Los Rancheros Mexican Restaurant, 3662 Airport Blvd., Ste F
Taqueria Mexico, 3733 Airport Blvd
La Cocina Mexican Restaurant, 4663 Airport Blvd.
Sabor a Mexico Mexican Restaurant, 6800 Airport Blvd.
Meyers/Shell Gas Station, 4686 Airport Blvd
Dirt Cheap Store (Shopping Center), 312 Schillinger Rd
Mercado Latino de West Mobile, 312 Schillinger Rd
Honduran Kitchen, 993 Lifeline Ct.
San Miguel’s, 880 Schillinger Rd.
El Giro Mexican Restaurant, 2423 Schillinger Rd S
Licensing Commission, Theodore Dawes/Hwy 90
San Miguel’s, 5805 Highway 90
Azteca Mexican Cuisine, 5452 Government Street
Taqueria San Jose, 5696 Tillmans Corner Pkwy.
Taqueria Playa Azul/Tienda La Morenita, 6305 Old Pascagula Rd.
Eddies Mexican & Honduran Restaurant, 4451 Government Blvd.
Jefe Paletas, 5301 Cottage Hill Rd.
Tienda Mi Pueblo, 3986 Government Blvd.
Cash Saver, 2501 Government Blvd.

Fortitude Business Solutions (Mario Castaneda), 1 Timber Way #200

Cozumel Restaurant, 1008 County Road 68
Piggly Wiggly, 1087 Hickory St/Hwy 59
El Paisita Mexican Restaurant, 3800 Hickory Rd./Hwy 59

Casa Mexico Mexican Restaurant, 23529 Hwy 59
St. Patrick Catholic Church, 23035 Hwy 59
Sun Coast Insurance, 22835 Hwy 59
Delicias La Catrina, 22345 Hwy 59
Rossy’s Barber Shop, 22089 Hwy 59
Tienda San Francisco, 18465 Silverhill Ave, Hwy 104
PeruMex, 15823 Silverhill Ave, Hwy 104
Tienda La Azteca, 18450 Silverhill, Ave Hwy 104
Subway/Greer’s Supermarket, 21951 Hwy 59

Tienda San Francisco, 804 S. Hwy 59 #3, (flea market)

Foley Flea Market/Panaderia Mexicana, 14809 Hwy 59
Nancy’s Botique, Hwy 59
La Placita, 912 Hwy 59
Leily’s Shop (Tijeritas), 910 Hwy 59
Vallarta’s Restaurant, 1145 S. McKenzie St Hwy 59
La Gringa, 1331-1 S. Commercial Dr.
Taqueria Mi Tierra, 1331-3 S. Commercial Dr.
Alexa’s Panaderia & Refresqueria, 1331-3 S. Commercial Dr.
Piggly Wiggly, 1200 S. McKenzie Street
Centro Taqueria, 1508 S. McKenzie St. #14
La Michoacana I, 1508 S. McKenzie St
El Paso, 3191 S Mckenzie St
Los Reyes Tienda Mexicana, 3800 S. McKenzie
La Brazileña, 8695 Hwy 59

Orange Beach:
Walmart, 25241 Perdido Beach Blvd.
Mexico Lindo, 25405 Perdido Beach Blvd.