La Costa Latina Logo


Los Rancheros Mexican Restaurant, 3662 Airport Blvd., Ste F
El Toro Mexican Restaurant #3, 4668 Airport Blvd.
La Cocina Mexican Restaurant, 4663 Aiport Blvd.
Sabor a Mexico Mexican Restaurant, 6800 Airport Blvd.
A1 Laundromat & Drycleaning 6920 Airport Blvd. #127
El Jalapeño, 7551 Airport Blvd.
Mercado Latino de West Mobile, 312 Schillinger Rd South
Shopping Center, 312 Schillinger Rd South
San Miguel’s, 880 Schillinger Rd.
El Giro Mexican Restaurant, 2423 Schilliner Rd S
Winn Dixie, 740 Schillinger Rd.
Taqueria Lag Gemelas and LaMorenita 6305 Old Pascagula Rd.
Food World, Schillinger/Old Pascagoula Rd.
Licensing Commission, Theodore Dawes/Hwy 90
San Miguel’s, 5805 Highway 90
Azteca Mexican Cuisine, 5452 Government Street
San Jose Supermarket, 5696 Tillmans Corner Parkway
Food World, 2501 Government Blvd
Winn Dixie, 1550 Government Street

Loxley, AL:
East Coast Migrant Head Start Program
Cozumel Restaurant, 1008 County Road 68
El Paisano, 2133 Hickory Rd./HWY 59

Robertsdale, AL:

Catholic Social Services, 23010 Alabama 59
Mercado La Gringa, 18450 Silverhill Ave Hwy 104
Tienda San Francisco, 18465 Silverhill Ave Hwy 104
Las Aztecas, 18465 Silver Hill Ave. Hwy, E
Winn Dixie, Silver Hill/Hwy 59
El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant, 21900 Hwy 59

Summerdale, AL:
United Methodist Church Ministro Hispano, 402 W. Jackson Ave
Tienda San Francisco, 804 S. Hwy 59 #3, (flea market)

Foley, AL:
Foley Flea Market/Panaderia Mexicana, 14809 Hwy 59
La Clinica de Baldwin, 1628 McKenzie St
Peluqueria La Ispana, 21900 S. Hwy 59
La Guadalupana, 17075 US Highway 98
Vallarta's Restaurant, 1145 S. McKenzie St Hwy 59 (Eastside)
Winn Dixie, 1235 S. McKenzie Street
La Gringa, 1331-1 S. Commercial Dr.
Foley Coin Laundry, 1360 S Commercial Dr.
Dodge's Gas Station, 1401 S. McKenzie St.
Piggly Wiggly, 1200 S. McKenzie Street

Centro Taqueria, 1508 S. McKenzie St. #14
La Michoacana I, 1508 S. McKenzie St
Foley High School, 1 Pride Place
El Paso , 3191 S Mckenzie St

Gulf Shores, Orange Beach:
El Brazileño, 8725 Hwy 59
Stephen Feo, 3757 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Ste. 59 (Plaza del Mar)
El Toro Restaurant, 3645 Gulf Shores Pkwy
Winn Dixie, 1720 Gulf Shores Pkwy
El Potro Restaurant, 25637 Canal Rd #K,
Mexico Lindo, 25405 Perdido Blvd.
Winn Dixie Shopping Center, 25405 Perdido Beach Blvd # 12




Vallarta's Restaurant, 8971 Pensacola Blvd
Tienda La Mexicana, 31 W Nine Mile Rd.
Uncle Jiang's Restaurant, 8952 Pensacola Blvd.
Raceway Gas Station, 7271 Pensacola Blvd.
Wing King, 5525 Pensacola Blvd
La Costa Latina, 6545 Pensacola Blvd
Taco Rock, 5454 Pensacola Blvd
Miguel's Restaurant, 3230-B West Michigan Ave.
Winn Dixie, 5975 Mobile Hwy,/Saufley Field
Monterrey's Mex. Grill, 5190 Mobile Hwy
Diaz Koontz Business Svcs, 7 S. New Warrington Rd.
La Union Tienda Latina, 701 North Navy Blvd, Ste #6
St John's Church, 303 South Navy Blvd.
Wash World, 501 W. Winthrop Ave
Perdido Bay Baptist Church, 12600 Sorrento Rd
Winn Dixie, 50 South Blue Angel Pkwy
Winn Dixie, 13019 Sorrento Rd. #7
Vallarta's Restaurant, 13584 Perdido Key Dr
Vallarta's Restaurant, 13141 Lillian Hwy
Havana West Cafe, 3670 Barrancas Avenue
Tequila Mexico Bar and Grill, 6883 W Highway 98
Cazadores, 8083 W. Fairfield Dr
Grocery Outlet, 8083 W. Fairfield Dr.
Myrtle Grove Baptist Church, 5920 Lillian Hwy.
Taco House, 4295 West Navy Boulevard
Monterrey's, 3811 W. Navy Blvd
Olgy's Taqueria, W St./Brent
La Gringa Latina, W St./Brent
Sav-A-Lot, 3300 Pace Blvd (Town and Country Plaza)

Latin Mini Mart, 1907 N. W Street
Palafox Place (Downtown near New York Nicks)
Palafox St and Garden St
Escambia County Court House, 308 S Baylen St
Pensacola City Hall, 180 Governmental Center
Cazadores, 305 E Cervantes St
Monterrey's Mex. Grill, 5030 Bayou Blvd
Sacred Heart Hospital (ER), 5151 N. 9th Ave
Sacred Heart Hospital Women's Area, 5151 N. 9th Ave
Bad Ass Coffee, 1014 Underwood Ave
Casa Ole, 2256 East Olive Road
Los Rancheros, 7250 Plantation Rd
La Hacienda, 8086 N. Davis Hwy
Azalea Trace, 10100 Hillview Dr
UWF International Office, 11000 University Pkwy
UWF Commons at bookstore, 11000 University Pkwy
UWF Commons at cafeteria, 11000 University Pkwy
Winn Dixie, 312 E. Nine Mile Rd
Wasco Clean Coin Laundry, 40 W Nine Mile Rd #J
Casa de Oración (Church), Olive Rd
King Buffet, 3 W Nine Mile Rd # 2

La Fiesta, 4514 Highway 90
Winn Dixie, 4224 U.S. 90
La Hacienda, 4601 Hwy 90

Primarica, 6423 Highway 90
La Hacienda, 6471 Hwy 90
Odessey Salon, 6549 Caroline St.
Del Sol, 6550 Caroline St.
St. Rose Catholic Church, 6451 Park Ave NW
Big Lots, 6247 U.S. 90

Gulf Breeze:
St. Sylvester Catholic Church, 6464 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
Texaco Gas Station, 3107 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
Breeze Mart, 199 Gulf Breeze Pkwy

Winn Dixie, 8674 Navarre Pkwy
Acapulco Restaurant, 9502 Navarre Pkwy
San Francisco, 8476 NavarrePkwy
El Patron, 3500 Navarre Pkwy

Mary Esther, Ft. Walton Beach:
Barley's, 138 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE
Fort Walton Beach Chamber, 34 Miracle Strip Pkwy
Emerald Coast Immig. Law Ofc, 151 Mary Esther Blvd.,#307B
Santa Rosa Mall Food Court, 112 Mary Esther Blvd.
International Market, 425 Page Bacon Road
El Paso Restaurant, 480 Mary Esther Blvd.
Coastline Auto Sales, 369 Beal Parkway
El Tanampa Restaurant, Beal Pkwy
Mi Gente Supermkt, 699 Beal Pkwy
Tienda Hondurena, Bealk Pkwy
Laundromat, 327 Racetrack Rd
Spencer, Fleet, & Killpatric Law, 1283 Eglin Pkwy(Shalimar)
Café Amapola, 481 John Sims Pkwy (Valparaiso)
La Mexicana, 298 Eglin Pkwy
Dodge’s Gas Station, 1 Eglin Pkwy SE
Dollar Saver, 11 Eglin Pkwy
Sabor A Mexico, 13 Eglin Pkwy

La Mexicana de Destin, 1209 Airport Rd. #6
Fajita's Grill, 114-B Hwy 98

La Rumba, 100 John King Rd.
AHEC, 1455 North Ferdon Blvd.
Family Dollar, 795 N. Ferdon Blvd.
La Azteca, 795 N. Ferdon Blvd.
Winn Dixie, 1326 N. Ferdon Blvd.

DeFuniak Springs/Freeport:
La Rumba, Hwy 331 @ I-10
La Huasteca, Hwy 90
La Terraza, 254 Hwy 90
Winn Dixie, 1030 Hwy 331

Freeport/Santa Rosa Beach, FL:
El Jacalito Taqueria Tortilleria, 16735 US Hwy 331S
Christian International Ministries, 5200 US Highway 98 E
La Chalupita Mexican Market, 3422 Hwy 98
El Mercadito, 3906 Hwy 98
Don Pedro’s Mexican Restaurant, 4942 US Highway 98 W #7

Panama City:
Front Beach Laundry and Cleaners 7920 Hwy 98 #22
La Michoacana Latin Market, 4003 W. 18th Street B
La Fuente Panaderia, 2909 W Hwy 98
El Paisa Restaurant, 1900 Hwy 98 @ Flower Street
SuperMercado, 1815 15th Ave.
Old Mexico, 1010 Hwy 98
Chula’s Restaurant, 750 15th Avenue
Winn Dixie, 132 Tyndall Pkwy
Panama City Assembly of God Church, 1791 East Avenue
Winn Dixie, 3621 U.S. 231/Transmitter Rd.
Old Mexico, 1812 S Highway 77
Chow Time Grill and Buffet, 2335 Florida 77
Los Rancheros Mexican Restaurant, 208 W 23rd Street
Loco’s Mexican Restaurant, 766 W. 23rd Street
Taco Casa Mexican Café, 663 W. 23rd Street

PAEC - Leon
PAEC - Calhoun
PAEC - Liberty
PAEC - Jackson
PAEC - Washington
PAEC - Holmes
PAEC - Walton
PAEC - Gadsden

El Golfo de Mexico, 146 Avenue A, Apalachicola, FL